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Foreland Wealth Management Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Foreland”) was established on August 19, 2015 and registered in Beijing with registered capital of RMB406,000,000. With the goal of being an “integrated service provider of solutions for family wealth management system” and with the principle of safe, value-added, harmonious and long-lived wealth, Foreland aims to provide ultra-high-net-worth individuals with and assist them in the execution of personalized, specialized and systematized family wealth management solutions by means of seven wealth management tools including family trust, insurance, financial management, investment bank, governance, charity and education based on client needs with respect to family protection; growth, financial management, investment bank and inheritance. Foreland devotes itself to establishing a key to family wealth management, and explores and implements Chinese family wealth management methods.

With a management team comprised of Zhou Xiaoming (one of the drafters of the Trust Law) and senior experts in the finance, law and trust sectors, strategic shareholders including AVIC TRUST Co., Ltd. and shareholders comprised of certain clients who plan to engage in family wealth management, Foreland was established by means crowd funding. It has established a professional family wealth planning service system incorporating a family planner, insurance planner, financial management planner, trust planner, financial planner, legal planner and tax planner, with four family offices in Beijing, Hangzhou,Zhengzhou and Chengdu and a wholly-owned subsidiary, Zhejiang Foreland Investment Management Co., Ltd. It also provides financing products that involve private fund and asset allocation services for family clients by cooperating with joint-stock Zhejiang Yuhua Investment Management Co., Ltd. a subsidiary of Zhejiang Houxin Asset Management Co., Ltd.


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